Student Membership Programs

bigstock-Smiling-African-businesswomanStudent Programs and Initiatives
Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP)

The primary objective of ACAP is to increase the understanding of accounting and business career opportunities among high school students from underrepresented ethnic groups. Through ACAP’s efforts, students have received educational enrichment experiences and practical help needed for college preparation and a career in accounting.


College Pipeline Initiative

College Pipeline Initiative (CPI)
A Path to Membership After Graduation

It is your last year of undergraduate or graduate studies, or it soon will be. You have been involved with your NABA student chapter or you have just enjoyed as a NABA student member. So what’s next after graduation?
After graduation, professional membership is the next level of involvement. Transitioning from a student member to a professional member is easy and best of all, it’s free!


Are You CPA Bound?

Are You CPA Bound?

bigstock-african-college-studentsThose of you who have obtained certification have joined an exclusive club of African-American accounting, finance and information technology professionals. To increase the membership in this club, NABA along with The Howard University School of Business Center for Accounting Education (HUSB-CAE) developed the CPA Bound Initiative with four program components: Advocacy, CPA Examination Summit, Ambassador, and our CPA Examination Boot Camp.


Financial Education

Financial Education

A Financial Literacy Partnership Between WalMart Stores, Inc. and NABA, Inc.
WalMart and NABA are organizations dedicated to improving the financial education in the African American and all communities, by providing basic financial tools that allow individuals to establish realistic goals and work towards achieving them. Through NABA’s partnership with WalMart Stores, Inc., together we are expanding our reach to all persons in America concerned about managing their financial futures; while keeping an eye on their immediate needs during these tough economic conditions.

We are pleased to share the following resources as tools that may assist you in becoming more informed and savvy financial consumer.


Financial Literacy

NABA partnered with the AICPA in the development of Money Sense, utilizing the AICPA’s 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, the CPA profession’s national campaign that helps educate Americans on how financial issues affect them at the different stages of their lives, from childhood to retirement.


Scholarship Program

bigstock-Business-WomanNational Scholarship Program

Since its inception, NABA, Inc has provided more than $8 million in scholarship funds to deserving students preparing to enter various accounting, finance and business professions. For fiscal year 2010 alone, NABA awarded over $150,000 and the amount continues to grow annually. Through the generous contributions of individuals, groups, and organizations that share NABA’s desire to break through the economic barriers students of color often experience, NABA offers and average of 50 national scholarships annually ranging from $1,000 – $10,000.


Student Conferences

Regional Student Conferences

NABA’s Regional Student Conferences are its largest and most diverse event for students each year. The Regional Student Conferences bring together hundreds of professional and student members, academics, and corporate representatives.

At the conferences, students can interview for internships and permanent positions, in addition to attending interactive sessions on topics such as: Developing Dynamic Interviewing Skills, Dress for Success, and Transitioning from College Student to Business Professional.  While the focus of the conferences rests primarily on career development and job placement, there are many opportunities for social networking as well.

Other Student Programs

Student Case Study Competition

NABA’s Student Case Study Competition was implemented in 1995 as a growing part of the student component of the Annual Convention. During the Competition, students are presented with an accounting-related issue that must be researched in order to develop a well-defined solution to the problem.

Organized in teams of 4-6 students, the group presents their findings to a panel of judges comprised of representatives from public accounting, corporate accounting, and academia. Winning teams receive a monetary award from sponsoring corporations and recognition in NABA’s publications.

Other Student Programs
There are a variety of organizations that sponsor programs and scholarships that may be very beneficial to NABA student members majoring in the fields of accounting, finance, or business administration.  We are happy to share those opportunities with you.